Many companies require PDF files scanned with text recognition (OCR). Some of these words must be present as document metadata, allowing indexed databases to help search the document whenever necessary. This operation of adding metadata is usually prolonged and requires many human resources to be done, creating an expensive additional cost.

PDFBUNDLE can cut a significant slice of these money/time costs using automated procedures.

PDFBUNDLE works based on a sheet in a very common format (XLSX, XLS, CSV - see this sample) with all the PDF filenames and whatever they figures as metadata (field name and its contents - see rules here).

Once the file is located, PDFBUNDLE automatically adds all the defined metadata fields while performing other features (signature, conformance, protection, and so forth), if applicable. The metadata fields are also added on a new last page*, created on each file, making any review or edition easier.

This increases productivity since the metadata sheet can be originated from different sources (each related to a bundle of PDF files), allowing additional oversight and ensuring clean processing.

(*) As the Brazilian Law 10278/2020, some countries has regulations to require metadata to be printed on a separate page of PDF files, allowing the destruction of the original paper file  and legally recognizing the PDF as an official document. 

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Sample of Metadata Page