Legal Compliance
PDFBUNDLE works with any size and volume of PDF files, making professional and 100% compliance documents(*) for any purpose.

Extremely flexible and powerfull, has exclusive functions and unequality performance.
* Some countries have laws and rules to allow digital-only tax documents. Some others, require documents in PDF/A mode, write-protected, digitally signed, and with specific metadata within.



  Sign or Certificate all files at a snap.

  Ensures Authenticity, Integrity and Non-Repudiation to all files.

  The signature can prevent any changes to the file, otherwise it is automatically invalidated.

  Allows 3 additionl protection modes if using Certified signature type.

  Allows signatures in one or more pages of all documents.

  Allows visible or invisible signatures.

  Full-free positioning at the page on X/Y axis.

  Visible signature with 11 different types.

  Allows concurrent different types of visible signatures in any document.

  Allows your or client LOGO on the signatures.

  Allows QR-CODE based signatures, with/without LOGO and text.

  Allows vertical signatures, bottom-up or top-down, with/without LOGO and text.

  Allows footer signatures, with/without LOGO and text.

  Allows TIMESTAMPED signatures, via online servers.

  Allows usage of any X509v3 certificate.

  Provides Long Term Validation (LTV) on signature, if enabled within the certificate file.

  We can provide a full-enabled long-term digital certificate totally free (AC-PDFBUNDLE).

  Allows TEST on a single file to check if options are set properly.


  Allows PDF protection, with/without password.

  Allows to restricts PRINT and MODIFY document, even without Signatures and Conformance.

  Allows to restrict HI-QUALITY PRINT.

  Allows encryption by RC4-40 bits, RC4-128 bits, AES-128, AES-256 and AES-256v6.

  Allows to restrict files by EXPIRATION DATE.

  Allows MASTER password, which onde typed cease all restrictions.

  Allows a single common password for all files.

  Allows file-dependent passwords, set by CSV file.

  Allows an event-password, a common one not saved on any configuration schema.

  Works independently of Conformance and Signature schemas.

  Allows TEST on a single file to check if options are set properly.


  Works with PDF/A type 3B, 3U, 2B, 2U, 1B or none.

  Allows OCR files and data-fields without any problem.

  Automatically corrects strange glyphs.

  Automatically supresses glyphs with errors.

  Automatically corrects PDF-Dictionary.

  Automatically corrects XMP data.

  Automatically embeds FONT, whenever necessary.

  Normalizes fonts for PDF/A compliance.

  Avoid strange characters on metadata fields via CODEPAGE.

  Works with the Standard and Custom PDF metadata fields.

  Allows custom METADATA for each file.

  METADATA information based on XLSX, XLS or CSV (see sample and rules).

  Preserves any existent METADATA, if not overwritten.

  METADATA is also printed on a created last page.

  Allows custom position for METADATA listing on the last page.

  Accepts many METADATA fields (limited by the page size).

  Checks for missing METADATA of any file.

  Allows asiatics characters (Chinese, Korean, Japanese).

  Allows images sRGB and ISOCoated-v2-ICC.

  Reports all changes in a WARNING report.

  Allows TEST on a single file to check if options are set properly.

  Full compatible with the Brazilian Decreto 10.278/2020 .


  Save and Load features configuration schemas for different scenarios and documents type.

  Allows different disks/folders for INPUT/OUTPUT files, to reach higher performance.

  Allows 5 custom extensions: DATE, DATE-TIME,  5-digits SEQUENTIAL, 7-digits SEQUENTIAL, and a USER-DEFINED EXTENSION.

  Automatic-Recovery to process large amount of files: you can stop and continue later.

  WARNING LOG reports to show non-critical infomation.

  PROBLEMS LOG report to show unprocessed files.

  VOLUME Report to check how many files and pages were processed.

  Custom compression level on created files.

  Protected against malware, code-injection and tamper.


  Program can operate under password-protection.

  Optional 2-Factor Authentication protection.

  Colorful Themes.

  Light/Dark Mode.

  Allows customs Timestamp Servers.

  User-defined elapsed time for Processing Status gauge.

  User-defined colors and thickness for Processing Status gauge.

  Really easy and user-friendly management of Digital Certificates.

  Normal/Tiny main interface.

  Toggle Context Help.

  EN-US and PT-BR language packs.